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How to choose a Driving School?

Chosing a Driving School might be one of the most impoartant decisions to make, as your life (and of those around you) depends on the way how you drive. Therefore, it is critical to do some research while choosing a Driving Instructor for yourself, or for you kids. 


The first step towards your research should always be to read the Driving School Reviews. If there are any negative reviews, look for how the Driving Schools responded to the criticism. We, at Happy Tails Driving School have pledged to always take any criticism as an opportunity to improve, and grow, rather than getting offended.

Driving Instructor

Once you have shortlisted the Driving Schools, read about their driving instructors. Make sure that the driving instructors are certified by ICBC. Call them, and talk to them to find out their communication skills. If you do not speak a common language fluently, then it will be very difficult to understand what they are trying to explain to you, no matter even if they are best driving instructor in the town.

Driving Lessons

Ask them what all will they cover during the driving lesson. Do they guarantee minimum time for the actual driving practice? Happy Tails Driving School Ltd. guarantee you at least 40 minutes of driving practice for every 1 hour of driving lesson. You can read about our driving class packages. Also, ask whether they will help you to learn how to drive on freeway. Do not just focus on the road test route. Focus should be on learning how to drive safely anywhere, not just on the road where road test is going to take place.

Driving Lesson Prices

Once you have shortlisted on the best driving school and best driving instructor, the next thing to consider is driving lesson prices. Remember, cheap is not always bad, and expensive is not always best, and vice-versa. Best way to find the best & affordable driving school is, first short list the driving school based on the school and instructor reviews, and then choose the one which is cheapest among the ones you shortlisted. Do not choose a school that has bad reviews - does not matter whether it is cheap or expensive.

Driving School Near Me

Time is important, therefore, once you have shortlisted driving schools based on reviews and prices, try to find the driving school closest to your place. For example, search on google for phrases like best driving school near me, 'best driving school in surrey', or 'best driving school in abbotsford'. Local instructors will know where to go for practicing a particular skill, rather than wasting your time looking for a suitable location. This will save a lot of time for you, and you the driving instructor can utilize that time towards practicing. Happy Tails Driving School Ltd. has either instructors local to a particular area, or has past experience as a taxi driver (Class 4), and therefore know the streets very well due to the nature of the job.

Driving School Car

Ask the school about the driving school car they will be using for the driving lessons. Car must be registered with the ICBC (in B.C), and should have dual controls. Some students want to have a driving school car that has steering on the instructor side. However, this is a very bad idea. Imagine, there is a situation where a big truck is going to hit you. Instructor might try to turn the wheel to the right side, and at the same time, student might try to turn the steering wheel to the opposite side. Result - car will not turn to either side (unless one of you is much much stronger than the other), and will hit the truck. Also, having a steering wheel on the instructor side is dangerous for the instructor as it won't have the safety mechanisms as on the primary steering wheel.

Contact Us

Most important of all, remember, you are not choosing driving instructor just to pass your road test, but to learn how to keep yourself, and others around you safe while driving. If you have any questions, please free to give us a call at +1(778)678-5464 or drop us an email.

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